Moscow was quite surprised to learn about the statements by the NATO Secretary General on the topic of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF). We hope that the Secretary General will not dispute that this Treaty was concluded in December 1987 between the USSR and the United States rather than between the USSR and NATO or Russia and NATO. If the nature of his concerns in his statement is related to the observation of provisions of this document, then he should not address us, but rather one of members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which is a party to this Treaty.
It is not a secret that the main problems with its implementation occurred many times because of the United States. These are launches of target-missiles of missile defence, armed drones, and Mk-41 systems, which can launch intermediate-range cruise missiles.
30 July 2014
We have stated many times that the anti-Russian sanctions adopted by the United States are invented and illegitimate. Such decisions will not give Washington anything other than further complications in Russian-American relations and the creation of an unfavourable atmosphere in international affairs, where the interaction between our countries frequently plays a decisive role.
When the US Administration strenuously pretends to be “consistent” in its current behaviour, it actually attempts to avoid responsibility for the tragic developments in Ukraine. It is not Russia, but the Kiev regime and its offshore patrons, who are guilty of the growing numbers of casualties among civilians in Eastern regions. In its snobbish prosecutor’s manner, the White House covers up the bloody operation by Kiev’s military, who against all the international norms, launches missiles at peaceful cities, and continues to advance unsupported claims against us.
30 July 2014
We are puzzled by the words of the US President Barack Obama that Russia does not cooperate with the international investigation into the crash of the Malaysian Boeing.
First of all, it was Russia that was the first to provide crash-related objective control data it has, during the recent briefing by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. To be noted, the United States have not provided any facts to the public so far, apart from their unsupported accusations and social media data.
Therefore, as we say, do not unfairly shift the blame.
As to immediate cooperation, according to applicable international ICAO norms, since Russia is not a party to this plane accident, it cannot come and say – “hello, we are here to participate in this investigation”. We should receive an official invitation from the international commission, i.e. Holland. Such an invitation was sent just a few days ago, and then we immediately appointed our representatives, who started work immediately.
30 July 2014
We noted the statements by US officials regarding alleged violations of provisions of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) by Russia. These statements are as unsupported as everything Moscow has heard lately from Washington for other reasons. They do not present any evidence to support their accusations.
The problems related to the implementation of the INF are not new. They are well-known to both parties. We need to deal with them by working with them rather than using “mouthpeace diplomacy”.
Such work was conducted earlier. It seems to be even more important, as because we have a lot of claims to the United States in the context of the Treaty. These are tests of target-missiles of missile defence, which have similar characteristics to intermediate-range missiles, production of armed drones by the Americans, which evidently are covered by the definition of ground-launched cruise missiles in the Treaty.
30 July 2014
On the 29 July, the first OSCE observers came and started their work at the Donetsk and Gukovo checkpoints on the Ukrainian border. The decision regarding their deployment was taken on the 24 July by the OSCE for the purposes of the implementation of the Berlin declaration by the German, Russian, Ukrainian and French Foreign Ministers of the 2 July. It was supported unanimously despite the attempts by Ukrainian, UK and Canadian delegations to disrupt its adoption.
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