Vladimir Putin chaired a Security Council meeting in the Kremlin.
The discussion focussed on the maintenance of Russia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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Opening remarks at the Security Council meeting

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Good afternoon, colleagues.

Today we will consider the fundamental issues of maintaining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of this country. We all understand how many political, ethnic, legal, social, economic and other aspects this topic encompasses.
23 July 2014
Just like the rest of the world, Russia continues to mourn the loss of innocent lives in the MH17 crash. Those people fell victim to the war currently raging in Ukraine. Yet Kiev refuses to listen to reason and rejects any proposals of a ceasefire as repeatedly offered by the militia. It continues to bombard residential areas with heavy weapons, even in the immediate vicinity of the crash site.
Instead of cooperating with a thorough and unbiased international investigation into the causes of the accident, the results of which would then be made public with maximum transparency, the Kiev authorities daily and hourly come up with new, absurd and absolutely groundless accusations against Russia. Without notifying international organizations, Ukrainian security agencies are now reportedly working in secret with the data storage systems of Ukrainian air traffic control services, both military and civilian, as well as with their personnel. This is clearly getting in the way of an objective and unbiased investigation.
In fact, this is not the first time something like this has happened.
22 July 2014
On the 21 July the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution regarding the conduct of an international investigation into the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in Ukraine.
When working on the draft resolution prepared by Australia, Russia assumed it to be inadmissible to have prejudices, when determining those who are potentially guilty of the disaster and anticipating the results of this investigation.
We believe that any incident of resonance, like the crash of a passenger jet, must be investigated with an active role of the authoritative body, which is the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), yet more so that the Security Council has already made such decisions in the past.
21 July 2014
VLADIMIR PUTIN: In response to the terrible tragedy that took place over Donetsk, I want to reiterate Russia’s position with regard to the current situation in Ukraine.

We have called repeatedly on all parties to the conflict to stop the bloodshed immediately and begin negotiations. I believe that if military operations had not resumed in eastern Ukraine on June 28, this tragedy probably could have been avoided.

At the same time, no one should and no one has the right to use this tragedy to pursue their own political goals. Rather than dividing us, tragedies of this sort should bring people together. All those who are responsible for the situation in the region must take greater responsibility before their own peoples and before the peoples of the countries whose citizens were killed in this disaster.  
21 July 2014
The appearance of The Chief of Staff of the Main Operations Directorate – deputy chief of The General Staff Andrew Kartapolov:

Dear representatives of mass media!
Ladies and gentlemen!

After the Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 accident on July 17, following the international airway Amsterdam — Kuala Lumpur, we can find quantity of conflicted information. In this case the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense considers necessary to submit information having at the General Staff disposal.

On the scheme you can see the international airway.The Boeing-777 was supposed to fly on this airway. Draw your attention to the fact that the aircraft followed inside the specified air-corridor to Donetsk, then it deviated from the route to north. Meanwhile the maximum distance from the left border of the air-corridor was 14 kilometers.
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